Why A Travel Agent

What does it mean to be a Travel Consultant?  If you can answer, Yes!, to any of the following, you are on the right path to a new career choice:

Would you like to:

  • Be a fulfiller of a dream vacation
  • Create the honeymoon memories that last a lifetime
  • Help a client check a destination off of their "Bucket List"
  • See the excitement in child's eye while planning their vacation to Walt Disney World
  • Travel to places you never thought you could or even know existed You may be asking yourself, about the longevity of a career Travel Consultant. At one point in time, it was thought the idea of a Travel "Agent", was going to be an obsolete career due to the internet. Yes, in the beginning, the internet did some damage to the Travel Agency Industry. However, the situation did not remain so for very long. The business model of your typical Travel Agent evolved into current "agents" becoming Professional Travel Consultants. An "Agent" is an order taker but a "Consultant" is a professional with firsthand knowledge that an impersonal internet website cannot provide.

The public has come to realize enormous differences when booking online:

  • You cannot replace the expertise and advice of a Travel Consultant, who are vetted experts that ensure every trip is memorable and satisfying, by combining new and old technologies.
  • The amount of time it takes to book a vacation online, when a 5-minute phone call or email, places the planning to a professional.
  • The money a Travel Consultant can save because of their ability to check many resources to book a vacation and obtain the best value for the client with any travel budget.
  • Travel Consultants develop personal relationships with travel suppliers around the globe, ensuring the best prices and vacation that best suits the client's needs.
  • A Personal Touch. While others who booked online are standing in long lines at the airport due to a canceled flight, you will be able to find the client that booked with a Travel Consultant. They are the ones, sitting and enjoying a coffee or a snack. One phone call and their consultant will work up a solution for them. MANY times, the Travel Consultant is aware of a travel issue and has it resolved PRIOR to the client ever knowing.
  • Unbiased information. A travel consultant works for the customer, not the company providing the service.
  • Travel Consultants are your friends, neighbors, church members, co-workers and not a programmatic agent thousands of miles away.
  • In most cases, using a Travel Consultant does not cost any more than booking online. A Travel Consultant earns commission from the supplier, therefore, eliminating additional fees.
  • A professional travel consultant builds relationships and friendships with their clients which help them learn their interests and lifestyles, as well as their dispositions.

If you still want to know why to become a Travel Consultant, please call or email any of our Staff and ASK!!! ALL of our agents have been in this business for 20+ years and possess a love for this career unparalleled to any other!!

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