Three Sure-Fire Ways to Boost Your Social Media Presence Today

Posted on 12/15/2014 in Work from Home


Working for yourself means that now, more than ever, extra attention must be paid to the way potential customers see you. Your online brand is not only an extension of who you are in real life, but it also gives people a glimpse of what you can offer and moreover, how you can offer it to them.

Luckily, you don't have to be a social media guru to create an effective strategy. Here's how:

Choose Your Networks Wisely

There's a wide array of social media networks out there that allow you to check in here, pin and tweet there, and post, snap, ping and chat almost anything at any given time throughout the day. The trick comes with focusing your preferred networks to suit your brand's particular needs. For example, being a travel agent means a great deal of your time is spent disseminating relevant travel news and updates, highlighting locations around the world, using visuals to accentuate the experience and answering any questions that past, present and potential clients may have. With that in mind, networks like Instagram, Foursquare and Twitter are ideal for accomplishing your specific set of goals effectively.

Be Consistent

Nothing translates into a positive community view of your brand faster than establishing a sense of reliability. Posting regularly on a schedule gives your customers something to look forward to. Whether it’s once every Wednesday or three times a week, being consistent will put you on the fast track to social media success.

Foster a Healthy Rapport

Everything from answering questions to troubleshooting customer concerns will help to establish a rapport with your audience that will both strengthen your brand and increase your authority as a though leader in your respective industry.

Being knee-deep in the digital age means that in order to stay a step ahead of the competition, you have to be able to leverage online resources intelligently and effectively. And with a little due diligence on your part, it’ll only be a matter of time before you’re reaping the benefits of having a fantastic social media presence.

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