Top 5 Ways to Use Facebook Live for Travel Professionals

Posted on 01/31/2020 in News

Facebook Live is one of the most relevant and meaningful social media tools available for you to use as travel business owners. For starters, Facebook itself is considered to be the largest aggregator of marketing intelligence on the planet. What does that mean for you as a small business owner? It means that you have access to your target market/ideal client in ways that was never previously available to you at such a low “pay to play” option. In my opinion, Facebook is the best social media platform to invest your time, energy, and money in to right now because of the marketing data insights and exposure for your travel business.
Speaking of exposure, Facebook favors accounts that are delivering their content via video and/or the live format. Facebook predicts that most content will be via video format in the coming years and is building and adapting their platform to mirror and shape this trend. So the more you do Facebook Live, the more Facebook will show your content to your network and prospects.
So knowing that is a powerful trend, let’s break down the top 5 ways to leverage this platform:
1. Use your Business Fan Page vs your Personal Profile. If you haven’t already set up a business fan page for your travel business aka a page that visitors must “like,” then please take inspired action on that today. Facebook doesn’t want you to do business on your personal profile. In fact, they have been known to shut down or freeze accounts that are using their personal profile for promoting their business. Your personal profile must be your true name and not your business name. On your Fan Page, this is where you can access all the marketing gold that I was referring to. You can boost your Facebook Live posts to make them more targeted and you can download your video from your Fan Page and re-purpose your content. There are endless ways to tap in to the power of Facebook for your videos but the only way to access all this marketing goodness is by going live on your Fan Page.
2. Share tips on how to use a travel professional. As a profession, we are still largely invisible. We could really make a dent in shifting that perception if all travel professionals took to their Fan Page and had an open conversation with their own network about what a travel professional does for their client, what are the benefits of using a travel professional, and share stories of how travel professionals help their clients. This is an important topic that needs to be discussed from travel professionals UP and not from executives DOWN. You can help shift this awareness and leveraging Facebook Live is a great way to advocate for your amazing profession.
3. Paint a picture of an amazing journey. Use Facebook Live to walk though a trip from start to finish. Be as detailed as you can. Really dive deep in to all the nuances of the adventure. If you put together a complicated FIT trip to Italy, bring that itinerary to life by sharing all the wonderful details. Tell the story about the charming hotel you found and the extra amenities the client will get. Talk about the cooking class you set up and the private guide your arranged. Talk about restaurants you will recommend and why and all the traveling tips you suggest. This is your brilliance! Let that shine and share information about the trip via live.
4. Invite an expert guest on your live. Did you know you can invite someone on to your live? Yes! It is true and super exciting! If you have a nice rapport with someone at a hotel, for example, that you love using then why not invite your contact to join you on your live from their location to share all the details and specifics about their property to your listeners. This helps paint a picture for your prospects and you don’t have to know the details! You can also invite your BDM to a live to talk about their product/experience as well. There are endless ways to use this feature!
5. Create a schedule for many of your lives. Although using the live feature is often associated with more spontaneous broadcasts – as a small business owner just using this platform for the first time, I highly recommend telling your network via posts and email that you will be going live at a specific time and date so you can maximize your exposure.
One tip that I will leave you with as well is to ensure that you wait a few moments when you first hit the “live” button. Don’t dive right in to the content because you want to give Facebook a little bit of time to tell people you are live. Lastly, you want to go live for longer than 15 minutes. You want Facebook to keep “telling” people you are live and especially when you first start doing it you want to ensure you maximize the longevity of the post and content.

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