The Five Best Things About Starting a Home-Based Travel Agency

Posted on 05/25/2015 in News

We took a poll. And here are what our agents had to say were the five best things about starting their home-based travel agency: 

5. Travel is flexible

Travel itself is a flexible industry. There are high seasons, where almost all of your clients will be looking for deals (summer holiday with the kids or grandkids, over the Christmas/New Years break), but there will also be down time. During this down time, you can do what you want: exploring ways to grow your business, spending time with family and friends or, of course, travel! 

4. Agent perks

Becoming an independent travel agent gives you a few perks. With your newfound negotiating abilities and network of vendors, you will be able to take advantage of travel deals for yourself as well! 

3. Make your own schedule

You’re the boss. You answer only to your clients. So if you want to be available only on certain days or certain times, that’s your prerogative. Kids got a soccer game each Thursday afternoon? Be there without guilt! Husband earned a long weekend from his company? Take that Monday without fret! When you work from home and for yourself, you can be as flexible as you need. 

2. Obtain work/life balance

Much like making your own schedule, working from home allows you to have a work/life balance you may not have gotten before. Instead of spending an hour in the car on your daily commute, wasting your lunch hour at the water cooler or staring at the clock from 4-5pm, you can get what you need to get done quickly from home and carry on with your life. More efficiency, less stress. 

1.  Unlimited earning potential

Like lots of sales job, the earning potential is limitless with hard work. At Outside Agent Link, our agents earn top commission in the travel industry—80%. Depending on how hard you want to work, you can sell group, corporate or individual travel and make a great living, providing for your family as the breadwinner or simply contributing more as a part-timer. Your earnings are really up to you!

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