3 Ways to Get Motivated While Working from Home

Posted on 05/13/2015 in News


3 ways to stay motivated while working from home 

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping. And you’re inside working. It can be hard to get motivated when you’re working from home and in an industry that requires client service, like travel. But don’t worry; we have three quick and easy ways to get motivated that you’ll love. 

1.    Take an active break

That’s right! One way to help you get back to work is to, in fact, take a break from it. The important word here, though, is "active.” Don’t sit on the couch and get sucked into a Netflix marathon or a daytime soap opera. Instead, get outside and take a walk. Do some stretches or yoga in your living room. Put away the dishes and wipe down the counters. Set a timer for 15 minutes and get to breaking! Once your 15 minutes is up, don’t move onto another housework task. Sit back down at your computer and get to work.  

2.    Turn up the jams

Music can be a huge motivator, especially if you’re sleepy. Some people do best when listening to songs they know and love. Others work best when there are no lyrics. Browse some new playlists on Pandora or Spotify and turn it up. Opening a window for some fresh breeze might be helpful as well. And if you need to stand up for a 30 second dance party, so be it! 

3.    Listen to a podcast, speech or TED Talk

One surefire way to get motivated is to hear about other people doing great things. Try listening to "The Daily Boost” podcast, YouTube "commencement speeches” and choose some famous ones, or simply go to TED.org and view some talks you’re most interested in. You will love hearing the advice, the jokes and you will come away feeling inspired.

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