10 Reasons to Start an Independent Travel Business

Posted on 05/19/2015 in News

10 reasons to start an independent travel business 

10. You love helping people

Helping people is a wonderful benefit of becoming an independent travel agent. And you’re not only helping them save time and money, but helping them to relax and have fun. There’s nothing better!  

9. You need a flexible work schedule

Starting your own travel business gives you the unique and distinct pleasure of setting your own hours according to your schedule. 

8. You need to work from home

The reasons to work from home are numerous. Maybe your spouse is in a job that relocates a lot, perhaps you’re a caregiver for an elderly family member or small child. Working from home can be the answer for many situations.  

7. You need extra income

In uncertain times, there’s no better reassurance than having a little extra money in the savings account. Becoming an independent travel agent with Outside Agent Link can allow you earn up to 80% commissions on the trips you book, the highest in the industry.  

6. You’re a stay-at-home caregiver

Whether it’s your mother, grandfather or child, caregiving can be a full-time job and not allow you to explore many traditional 9-5 jobs. However, with the flexibility of schedule and working from home, starting a travel business from home could be just what you need to earn money while still focusing on your familial responsibilities.  

5. You’re retired or semi-retired

Outside Agent Link is the perfect fit for retirees, whether you used to work in the travel industry or not. Plus, it’s the perfect time for you to travel, so maybe you can put your extra income from the business into a fund to see the parts of the world you’ve been wanting to!  

4. You’re looking for a big change

The American workforce has changed in recent years. People are no longer entering a company and staying for 30 years. People are looking at their career paths as a "jungle gym” (to borrow a term from Sheryl Sandberg). If it’s time to shake things up, this can be a great way to sharpen your entrepreneurial and sales skills, while maintaining clientele. You may fall in love with it or choose to move on, but you have shifted directions in a positive way and improved your marketability.  

3. You’re unhappy in your current career

The best reason to try something new is your work/life balance and happiness level. If you’re not happy at your current day job, you need to quit and find something that is fulfilling. Here are 5 signs you’re ready to quit your day job.  

2. You love to travel

What better reason do you need to become an independent travel agent? You can leverage connections and networks for your own vacations later—not to mention make extra money to add to the travel savings fund. Additionally, there may be discounts and promotions you have access to as a travel agent that average people would not. 

1.  You’re ready to be your own boss

Being your own boss can be a daunting task, especially when thinking about the discipline it takes to work from home. But nothing worth doing is ever easy! So, if you’re ready to take the plunge and work for yourself, then becoming an independent travel agent could be the perfect career move.

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