At Outside Agent Link our business model is a very simple and affordable:

Our enrollment rate is the lowest in the industry when you compare us to other host agencies.  The BIGGEST reason:

Our business philosophy is to offer an affordable enrollment rate because unlike our competition we are not in the business to profit on enrollments and try to have as many agents as possible because that is THEIR main source of income.  WE are in the business to support and educate you to become successful in the travel industry.  Then as you learn and grow, we both earn TOGETHER as a TEAM!!!

Don't be hypnotized by the competition that is offering 90-100% commission. If you read and we encourage you to do so, the fine print offered from other online host agencies, you will see a clear difference and the simplicity of our program. 

ALL other host agencies do at least ONE of the following and many do more:

  • Mandatory quotas -Complicated commission percentages based on volume
  • PROCESSING fees on your commissions
  • An MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) agency meaning, you receive a 'kick-back' for having agents sign up under you. In other words, a "pyramid" disguised as a travel agency.
  • High monthly fees
  • Cost for support
  • You can receive 100% commission from their Preferred Suppliers but on Non-Preferred Suppliers, you will only receive 50%.
  • Your commission is held until the client travel regardless of when it is received by the host agency.
  • Charges you for setting up user access to ANY of the online booking engines for ANY vendors.

Visit our Programs page and you will see why partnering with Outside Agent Link is your best choice!  You choose your commission level, pay the enrollment fee and then you are on your way to a career as a professional travel consultant.  

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